Must Read Monday: The Ultimate Reading List to Kick Off Your Week

Must Read Monday: 5 Articles to Start Your Week Off Right

What’s harder than going back to work on the Monday after a holiday? Before you try to dig yourself out of inbox overload, check out the must read Monday rundown:

1) Monday doesn’t have to be a day we dread. Reading these 3 Things to Do on Sunday Night For A Better Monday Morning has changed my life. Hands down the best thing I’ve read on how to rid the Monday blues from my life for good.

2) I’ve recently started following the moves of Stephanie Lampkin, an ambitious and dynamic woman in tech and the creator of Blendoor, a mobile app that facilitates diversity recruiting in the tech industry. Her latest LinkedIn pulse post, So you want to improve diversity in tech? Just Stay Put is a thought-provoking and somewhat controversial piece on what it will really take to improve diversity in tech.

3) Speaking of dynamic black women making major moves, check out the latest medium post from Myleik Teele, the Founder and CEO of curlBox, a subscription service for natural hair products. Myleik dishes on how she unlearned some destructive financial habits and started saving a TON of money.

4) Whoever is handling Hillary Clinton’s social media marketing is making some very questionable choices. Blavity recapped #BlackTwitter’s reaction to Hillary’s Kwanzaa-themed logo.

5) It’s officially the “New Year, New You” time of the year so I know some of you are making the inevitable “social media break” resolution. Yes, it can be hard to remember the good aspects of social media, but here is a heartwarming reminder of how Facebook has changed our lives for the better.

And with that, go forth and make this short week a great one, good people.

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