Nike Rise Above – Branding Excellence

I have a thing for good branding. I will stop everything I’m doing to read a case study on a company’s awesomely-dope marketing idea that had never been done before. And even when it’s been done before, if it’s done better, I think that’s the most fascinating thing in the world. How did they think of that? Where did they find that? Who designed that?

This right here made my whole day:

Now Nike has introduced a fleet of vehicles and mobile retail sites before (see the Nike Football MRAP-inspired promo truck and Nike Football Transformer Mobile Store), but they never cease to take each new marketing initiative to that next level. The Jordan Brand has launched the Rise Above Truck, which will be rolling into basketball tournaments throughout the U.S. this summer. So fly, it makes me want to play basketball.

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  1. Wow, we designed that Caila. Hi, my name is Aaron and I am the Creative Director at IDL Worldwide in Portland, OR. My team or creatives and I spent 6 months working with the Jordan Brand and other consultants, builders and digital teams to bring this to life. Thanks for recognizing it and sharing, much appreciated.

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