Must Read Monday: How To Get Your Focus Back

Must Read Monday: How To Get Your Focus Back

I’m coming to you live from Arlington, VA, where I’m coping with cabin fever powered by Blizzard 2016. The upside of being holed up inside for 48 hours is having time to catch up with friends, read articles I bookmarked weeks ago and focus on blog posts I’ve been meaning to write.

During a phone catchup with my good friend Erin, she mentioned that she’s been coming to my blog for Must Read Monday posts, only to find there were no new posts! Oh no, I’ve got to change that.The truth is, I started working full-time in December at NPR and I’ve been re-learning to balance writing for the blog with giving 200% in my new role.

This article, 13 Things I Stopped Doing When I Started My Career That I Need To Rediscover, was just what I needed to read. It’s an important reminder that just because I’m committed to my career, doesn’t mean I should abandon other priorities and things that bring me joy.

Speaking of things that bring me joy, most people can easily think of the things that make them happy, but this article challenges you to think of what you’re willing to struggle for. Because, ultimately, what you’re willing to fight for is a great determinant of what you should focus on in life.

On the subject of focus, I know I’m not the only one who feels like she needs to be in a certain mood to be creative, to write, to work, you name it. Unfortunately, letting our mood determine our actions is not really a productive way to live. Check out this article, 7 Ways to Motivate Yourself To Work Hard When You’re Not Really In The Mood, featuring some new techniques I plan to try out.

With that, I’m ready to go into this week with renewed drive and focus.

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