Must Read Monday: Don’t Let Your Day Job Kill Your Daydream

I was talking to a friend recently about life after business school and the corporate America grind. We reminisced about our days hopping from country to country, napping between classes and partying at classmates houses on the weekends. In between the laughter, I sensed his underlying sadness, as if there aren’t upsides to graduating and becoming an adult again. I for one am happy to be gainfully employed and able to indulge in regular mani-pedis. And can we talk about the fact that my new wardrobe is way better than the Michigan sweatshirt, jeans & uggs uniform I rocked for all two years of graduate school?

No, the readjustment to a 9-to-5 has not been easy. Especially for someone like me who reignited a passion for writing, blogging and interviewing successful people before I rejoined Corporate America. How am I supposed to maintain my side hustle with a full-time job? I’m learning it takes intentionality to make sure your day job doesn’t kill your daydream. This week’s hot list of reads is devoted to articles that support this vibe.

While not exactly a “read,” this video with Tracey Ellis Ross is everything. Watch it and let what she has to say sink in.

Video: Huff Post Black Voices
Video: Huff Post Black Voices

Nas’ impressive investment portfolio is a great example of not being a one trick pony, reinventing yourself, and making moves outside of your perceived lane.

You know why you probably haven’t invested time and energy into your side hustle? Because you’re making your life harder than it has to be.

On the topic of not letting your day job kill your daydream, this week’s inspiration is fellow Michigan Ross alum Meiko Drew, recent corporate America retiree turned full-time blogger. Meiko, the founder of Meiko and The Dish, is a woman of many talents and the way she has branded herself across digital platforms and is fast growing her business is not only inspiring but impressive. Clap, clap and Go blue!

Stephen L. Garret Photography
Stephen L. Garret Photography

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