Dear Younger Self – Keep The Beyonce tickets

Dear Younger Self,

When you intern with Google during the summer between your first and second year of business school, you will be faced with a tough choice. Your team based in Mountain View will invite you to the department offsite in LA – on the same day as the Beyoncé concert you snagged tickets for during the pre-sale. Silent wail, fights air…I know.

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Feeling like you need to show and prove, you’ll feel obligated to sell those tickets and attend the boring team offsite, filled with awkward team building outings and brainstorming sessions that no one will take anything away from. Now, for some, this won’t be a choice at all. They’ll say, “You HAVE to go. Don’t you want the offer?” Ignore those people. They don’t understand. Remember how you painstakingly coordinated with your boyfriend and both had multiple tabs open eagerly refreshing until you found those coveted seats? Your team is playing games. Girl, save yourself the trouble. Bring your authentic self to work and…keep the Beyoncé tickets.

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Love ya boo,


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