Dear Younger Self: It’s Going to be OK

Photo credit: Arnett Mumford
Photo credit: Arnett Mumford

Dear younger self,

You will get your dream job out of college. You will quit your dream job less than two years later with bags under your eyes and 15 extra pounds to show for it. You’ll see Rihanna and Jay-Z in the hallway at work but realize how low on the totem pole you are because you don’t exist to them. You will be lost, move back home with your parents, search for clarity. You’ll think you found the answers. You didn’t. You’ll consider going to journalism school. You won’t. You’ll wind up working at a random realty firm for what you thought would be a few months but stay there for 1.5 years. You’ll start a side hustle as a blogger and social media maven. 100 job applications later you’ll land a job at an e-commerce startup and your career will get back on track. After a year there you’ll apply for a job and title you don’t feel qualified for. You’ll get it (see what confidence can do!). You’ll move on from there and go to business school and see the world. You still won’t fit in anybody’s neat little box so you’ll go through incredible highs and unimaginable lows, but make it back on top every time. girl. GIRL. It’s going to be OK. God’s got it.

Love ya boo,

Caila K

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