4 Things You Need To Read This Monday

Must Read Monday via CailaKSpeaks

Every Friday I vow to be so productive over the weekend that my Mondays are a breeze. And every Monday I find myself dragging and desperately loading up on caffeine to kickstart my day. No more. I loved this read on the first four things you should do every workday and I plan to implement them this week, especially numbers one and two.

There’s a saying that you’re the average of the people you spend the most time with. That may be overstating it, but I do believe there’s value in evaluating who you spend the most time with. Do they believe in you, do they lift you up? Do they keep it real with you when you’re tripping? This post is a solid assessment of the 6 friends you need in your circle.

Speaking of who you spend the most time with, choosing a partner is one of the most critical decisions you will make. Afterall, this is the person you’ll spend the majority of your time with and who will know your innermost thoughts and secrets. So if you can find someone whose vision and goals align with yours, it can be a match made in heaven. That’s why I love this story about Vine personalities, Keraun Harris and Simone Shepherd and how they’ve achieved success in love and in business.

If you’re still building your crew and the partner is nowhere to be found, check out this article on how to break into an industry with zero contacts.

And with that, go forth and make this week a fantastic one, friends.

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